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Covenant Meeting Minute Book, 1819-1894 [series]:
Labeled "Church Clerk's Book". Contains the articles of faith of the church, meeting minutes, membership lists, and the church covenant. Items of note and approximate locations in the book follow:

Page ,
Articles of Faith. The script version is covered by the printed version.

Page 3, Oct. 18, 1819
Meeting to decide on the propriety of founding a church.

Page 4, Nov. 22, 1819
Church formed. 2 deeds for a pew from the trustees to Jeremiah Rappleye, the church clerk, dated Feb. 25, 1828 and Apr. 30, 1825.

Page 48, Dec. 9, 1824
Discussion of church policy on fund raising.

Page 76, May 3, 1828
Voted that the sisters not have an equal right with, the male members to vote in matters of discipline.

Page 77, May 24, 1828
Church splits.

Page 88, July 4, 1829
Anti-Masonry resolution. Resolution to aid foreign missions.

Page 90-93, October 1829
Attempts at reconciliation.

Page 94
Conference called. (Note: From pages 77-96 are the records of one group, then the records pass into the hands of the other group who recount their side of the story.)

Page 96,
Declaration of the seceeders.

Page 100, Aug. 20, 1828
Account of the conference called.

Page 109, Aug. 7, 1830
Splinter group voted to join the Seneca Association.

Page 117, Oct. 19, 1830
Voted to hold a protracted meeting on the first Sunday in October.

Page 118, Oct. 19, 1830
Report of the meeting.

Page 122, July 6, 1833
Voted to have the females hold a prayer meeting.

Page 123, Aug. 25, 1833
Plans for a protracted meeting in October.

Page 123, Nov. 2, 1833
Report of the meeting.

Page 129, Oct. 4, 1834
Protracted meeting planned.

Page 131, Feb. 7, 1835
Voted to accept as members those who have been baptised by pedobaptist ministers.

Page 141, Dec. 3, 1836
Voted to hold a protracted meeting with Elder King.

Page 142, Jan. 8, 1837
Met to organize the American Baptist Bible Society.

Page 142, Feb. 4, 1837
Formed an Auxiliary Bible Society.

Page 148, Feb. 1838
Report of a protracted meeting.

Page 164, Jan. 16, 1841
Report of a protracted meeting.

Page 187, Jan. 16, 1844
Bro. expelled for embracing the Doctrine of Universal Salvation.

Page 203, Oct. 3, 1846
Voted to circulate a subscription to buy a lot and build a parsonage.

Page 211-212, March-Apr. 1877
Many baptisms.

Page 224-228, Jan. -March 1854
Protracted meeting led by 0. Montague

Page 226-247
Many baptisms.

Page 257-258, Apr. 6, 1861
Discussion of building a new church.

Page 260, Feb. 25, 1862
New house of worship dedicated.

Page 279, Dec. 5, 1868
Voted to have Bro. George Balcom come and assist vith a protracted meeting.

Page 278-280, Dec.-Jan. 1869

Page 281, July 16, 1869
Sick man is baptised at home.

Page 294, 1876 Feb. 11, 1894
Pagination ends. Last entry. Key to membership list.

2 p.
Membership as of formation.

Feb. 10, 1830
Membership list (after split). Church Covenant.

Trustee's Record Book, Sept. 10, 1825-Feb. 1, 1899 [series]:
This volume includes minutes of yearly meeting to elect trustees and an account of the incorporation of the church on April 3, 1824 at the beginning of the volume, Items of note include:

Feb. 24, 1847
Resolved to buy a lot and build a parsonage on it.

No meeting.

No meeting.

April l86l
Voted to tear down the old house of worship and build a new one.

Discussion of pew rental.

Account of the church's financial situation and copy of the subscription list. (Note: After 1863 financial reports are included in the minutes.)

No meeting.

Resolved to call the church the Baptist Church of Farmer Village.

The American Baptist Magazine and Missionary Intelligencer [series]:
Vol. III, No. 4, July 1821. Page 132 contains the report of a revival in Camillus, Onadago (sic.) County, New York in 1818.

The American Baptist Magazine and Missionary Intelligencer [series]:
Vol. IV, No. 5, Sept. 1823.

Minutes of the Twenty-Seventh Annual Meeting of the Seneca Baptist Association [series]:
For 1848. (Aug. 30, 31) held with the Baptist Church of Trumansburg, N.Y. Lists churches, clerks, delegates, number received by letter, dropped, died, membership, statistical information and correspondence with other associations with meeting minutes.