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Series I. Biography
Boxes 1-2, 26, 31, 35-37

The Biography Series includes general information about Moore's life and career. There are narratives written by himself and others, newspaper clippings, obituaries and memorials. There is information about his childhood, finances, daily schedules, retirement and death. Included in the material about his death are the cards which accompanied flowers sent by friends and family. The cards are annotated on the reverse (presumably by his wife) with descriptions of the arrangements. There is also a series of journals and ledgers kept by Moore throughout his life. They track, alternately and in combination, his finances, appointments, acquaintances and research projects. There is more biographical material in Series VII. Family Papers, in a scrapbook created by Antoinette Moore. The scrapbook includes graduation programs and wedding invitations.

Series II. Education
Boxes 1, 26, 31, 32

The Education Series includes material relating to Moore's academic training from grade school through college. A number of note books comprise the bulk of the series. Most date from Moore's undergraduate years at Cornell. There is also a box (number 32) of index cards Moore compiled on various subjects during his education at Cornell. There is another box (number 33) of cards Moore created to keep track of articles, books and periodicals on various subjects. That box is listed under Series V. Subject Files.

Series III. Correspondence
Boxes 3-18, 26, 27, 36, 37

This series comprises the bulk of the Veranus Moore papers. The material is organized alphabetically by correspondent, followed by a chronological run of "miscellaneous" correspondence. The correspondence labeled "miscellaneous" is neither unimportant nor irrelevant. The letters are simply not from a frequent correspondent or one easily identifiable as a key figure in Moore's personal or professional life. Much of the correspondence is from local farmers and veterinarians asking for advice or tuberculin, but there are also letters regarding developments in the the medical and veterinary professions, political and civic issues, and Moore's personal affairs. There are many letters from Cornell alumni, including a number of letters from alumni serving overseas during World War I.

Some of the correspondence addressed to the Veterinary College was answered by Moore's assistants, such as Cassius Way, Walter J. Taylor, Winfred B. Mack, Samuel H. Burnett and E.M. Pickens. There is also an abundance of correspondence addressed to and answered by William A. Hagan.

Series IV. Writings
Boxes 18-20, 27, 36

The Writings series includes drafts of and notes for Moore's published works. The series also includes notes and full texts of speeches. Although some newspaper and magazine articles have been kept in this series, most published versions of his work have been removed. His books are available from the Cornell University Libraries. Reprints of his articles are available in the Historical Veterinary Reprint and Pamphlet collection.

Series V. Subject Files
Boxes 20-22, 27-29, 33, 34, 36, 37

The Subject Files series consists of a combination of files created by Veranus Moore and files created by the archivist. The files contain publications on a wide variety of topics, including many specific diseases, vivisection, public health issues, legislation relating to the veterinary profession, sex education and venereal disease, as well as veterinary and medical education. There are files in this series (as well as in the Correspondence series) about the formation of the United States Army Veterinary Corps. There are also files from cases Moore consulted on, such as the Anaconda Copper Mining Company Case and the tuberculosis surveys of Cattaraugus County (sponsored by the Milbank Memorial Fund). There are also several files of miscellaneous research and reading notes, including a box (number 33) of index cards Moore compiled early in his career. Another box of index cards (number 32) was compiled during his education at Cornell. That box is listed under Series II. Education.

Series VI. Ephemera
Boxes 22-25, 29, 31, 32, 36-38

The Ephemera series includes various and sundry items collected by Moore throughout his life time, such as conference and professional association programs; conference pins, buttons, and ribbons; posters and maps; advertisements; calling cards; family Bibles; and Masonic handbooks.

Series VII. Family Papers
Boxes 25, 30, 35, 44

The Family Papers series consists of materials gathered and created by the Moore, Slawson, and Shackleton families. The bulk of the series consists of correspondence, but there are also diaries, financial records, note books and a scrapbook created by Antoinette Moore, mother of Veranus.

Series VIII. Photographs
Boxes 39- 43

The Photographs series consists of images of Veranus Moore, his family, and friends, as well as images of the New York State Veterinary College, its faculty, staff, and students. There are also images from his research and consultation work. There are several images of significant veterinarians and physicians, as well as several noted members of the Cornell faculty and staff. Examples include Bernard Bang, Cooper Curtice, Jacob Gould Schurman, Duncan McEachran, Samuel Prescott, and others.