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Diary of Lucy M. Stoddard, Palmyra, January 1, 1860 -December 31, 1860 (Item 1)
Chronological order, no pagination. Most entries mention weather, daily activities, deaths, births and marriages of friends and family; much mention of her religious esperience and activities among the Sunday School Teacher's Association of Wayne County and the Palmyra Classical Union School.

Diary of Lucy M. Stoddard, Palmyra, January 1, l86l -October 31, l86l (Item 2)
Chronological order, no pagination. November 1, l86l-December 31, l86l on loose sheets tucked in back of diary. Contents are in general the same as Item 1, plus some mention of national affairs such as Civil War and Lincoln's presidency. In March, l86l, the Stoddard family moved to a new farm in Marion, at The Hall Settlement. In July she was nominated and elected Superintendent of the Sunday school.

Poem and essay book of Lucy M. Stoddard, 1852-1858 (Item 3)
No order, no pagination. Contains entries dated 1852, 1858, 1857, 1856, etc., in no apparent order. Includes some autographs (presumably of school friends), essays on the passing of time, of memory, poems on life and death, parables on morality, etc. Some pencilled entries, some later additions in the form of comments on old poems and essays.

"The New Settlement" (Item 4)
A pamphlet by The American Tract Society. Pencilled on inside cover: "To Eunice from Aunt Julia." Eunice was a younger sister of Lucy M. Stoddard. No publishing date.

Farmer's Account Book, Itemized and Consolidated," of J.M. Stoddard, Walworth, Wayne County, New York., 1883-1899 (Item 5)
Numbered pages. "Consolidated Wheat Acc't," 1883, 1887, 1888, 1889. "Itemized Wheat Acc't," August 15, 1884 to December 1891 "Oats," 1883, 1884. There are three loose papers on page 85; they are a) a newspaper clipping, obituary, b) letter of C.L. Stoddard, 1882, Wausau, Wisconsin, and c) a short family geneology of men in Stoddard line from 1776 to l86l. Pp. 27-30: Auction of J.M. and Lucy M. Stoddard on February 27, 1886. "Barley Acc't," 1883-84. "Lucy M. Stoddard in account with F D. Stoddard," April 1, 1894: "Old Stoddard Homestead, Income and Expenses." Pp. 164-5: "For Keeping the Time of Hired Help." Pp. 168-196: 1890-99 Record of how many "fits Eunice had."

Folder of 26 non-newspaper items with a name index. (Item 6)
Four letters, all dated after 1879. Two poems in memory of James O. Stoddard (Lucy M.'s father) dated 1878. Five financial papers:
1) "Lucy M. Stoddard... Dr. to Estate of the late Luciena M, Stoddard," 2 pages numbered 3 and 4 respectively, February 1860 to Sept. 25, 1891.
2) "George E. Stoddard Dr. to Lucy M. Stoddard," incomplete, dated Walworth, June 22, 1891.
3) Two payment receipts dated 1903. Six miscellaneous items: a) Two pamphlets titled "Dew Drops," one dated February 1889, other March 1889. b) Leaflet advertising a book titled, "Descendants of Thomas Durfee." Durfee families lived in Palmyra and Marion, friends of Stoddards. c) Photo of "Mr. Morgan J. Stoddard Marriage picther (sic) February 6, 8-8-8" signed "Eunice." d) "Certificate of Admission," Frank Stoddard to Hall Settlement Sunday School, no date, e) Accrostic by Wm. 0. Moffit, W. Walvorth, July 14, 1882. The rest are sheets and bits of paper containing information on Stoddard, Ward and Stewart families.

Folder of newspaper clippings, with a name index (same as Item 6). (Item 7)
Dates cover 1863-1901, much undated material, obituaries and Stoddard family-related news.