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Series VIII: Scrapbooks, Broadsides, Maps, Photographs, Clippings, Ephemera, and Genealogical Information [series]:
Several forms of material document the chief vocations and enterprises of the life of Ezra Cornell. Newspaper clippings kept by Cornell and later by members of his family chiefly concern the telegraph industry and the founding of Cornell University. Other topics and issues featured in the clippings include the growth of American railroads, the Republican Party, local and national politics and government including Ezra Cornell's candidacy and service in the New York State Legislature, and real estate especially pertaining to the Wisconsin lands; also mining, scientific advancement, medicine, and other issues. Other material includes agricultural catalogues, maps, particularly of lines of the developing telegraph industry and Wisconsin lands; photographs of Cornell and his family; broadsides; Ezra Cornell's "ciphering "book" (1823-1860) which included financial and arithmetic lessons and calculations; the Manual of the Common Council of New York, material from the New York State Constitutional Convention of 1867, calling cards, railroad passes, the New York State Agricultural Society's medal presented to Cornell for his cattle, Cornell's ceremonial wedding socks, and a volume celebrating the Cornell Public Library. Also, biographical and genealogical materials, and printed materials concerning Cornell University.

[For genealogical information, see also Rev. John Cornell, Genealogy of the Cornell Family: Being an Account of the Descendants of Thomas Cornell of Portsmouth, R.I. (New York: T.A. Wright, 1902) - digital copy available.]

Clippings, 1847-1873.
Clippings, 1852-1874.
Ezra Cornell's Cyphering Book, 1823-1860.
As well as having notes from his youth the book also contains later notes by Ezra about his fortunes and how he should spend his wealth.

Manual of the Common Council of New York.
Scrapbook of clippings, 1845-1862.
New York State Constitutional Convention, 1867.
Calling cards; railroad and telegraph passes; New York State Agricultural Society medal; wedding socks, 1831; leather coin purse; Cornell Public Library descriptive volume, 1866; letterheads.

Drawing, painting, broadsides, scrapbook
Drawing of Ezra Cornell's home on the corner of Seneca and Tioga Streets in Ithaca; painting of Elijah Cornell; Chalk portrait drawing of Ezra Cornell as a young man; broadsides; scrapbook.

Miscellaneous printed materials
Printed agricultural materials including catalogues of Ezra Cornell's Short Horned Cattle, Valleyview Farm Poultry by Ezra Cornell, Albany Agricultural Works and other catalogues and broadsides; report of Ezra Cornell, President of the New York State Agricultural Society, on the Exhibition of the Royal Agricultural Society of England held at Battersea, July 1862; address delivered by Ezra Cornell to the New York State Agricultural Society in 1863.

Speech by Ezra Cornell on the Question of a Ship Canal connecting Cayuga Lake with Lake Ontario (given before the Committee of the Whole Senate of the State of New York in 1864); printed materials concerning educational institutions, including People's College; Phrenological Journal, March 1866; maps and plans concerning village of Cornell and Brunett's Falls in Wisconsin; printed materials concerning the Institute of Reward for Orphans of Patriots; other general printed materials.

Biographical materials on Ezra Cornell
Including handwritten manuscript on the life of Ezra Cornell (by himself?); scrapbook pages of clippings of articles and obituaries on the death of Ezra Cornell; interview with Otis E. Wood by Prof. Charles H. Hull in 1907.

Printed materials concerning Cornell University and founder Ezra Cornell
Including the Cornell University First General Announcement; copy of the Act to Establish Cornell University; In Memoriam the Death and Burial of Hon. Ezra Cornell; Report as to the condition of the Cornell University, made to its alumni, June 1883; Centennial Day Publications; Founder's Day announcements, invitations, songs, and addresses given by Andrew Dickson White, Francis M. Finch, Andrew Carnegie, and others.

Cornell Family Genealogical materials
Including handwritten genealogy of the Cornell Family by Ezra Cornell, and miscellaneous family papers from after the death of Ezra Cornell.

Photographs, miscellaneous materials
Photographs of Ezra Cornell and the Cornell and Wood families; Cornell and Wood homes; side-hill plow; piece of Cornell pottery; Cascadilla place. Also, bookplates, keepsake book presented to Mary S. Cornell by Ezra Cornell, marriage certificate of John H. Cornell and Mary Gifford (with Ezra Cornell as witness), framed autographs of Ezra Cornell.

Painting of David Woodcock House (MU-1114)
Once on Seneca St. in Ithaca, Ezra Cornell died in this house, it burned down in 1921, now site of Ithaca Savings Bank

2 pots crafted by Elijah Cornell (MU-1001, MU-1002)
Small glazed pitcher crafted by Elijah Cornell (MU-1416)
Satchel used by Ezra Cornell when he was a member of the NY Senate (MU-1415)
Two 5" optical disks (MOD's) containing copies of Boxes 9-12 and 25-30 (FD-58-59)
Unknown note regarding trip to Washington with Ezra Cornell, son and Rev. D. Torrey (July 23, 1867)
Framed stock certificate
Ezra Cornell's 250 shares of capital stock of the Ithaca & Cortland Railroad Company (July 8, 1871)

Cornell Family Bible
  Folder 4  
Clippings, maps, and printed materials
Ithaca Journal pages relating to the death of Ezra Cornell; maps and floor plans pertaining to Ithaca, Cornell Public Library, and Cornell University; other clippings and printed materials.

  Folder 5  
Maps of Wisconsin, including Barron County and village of Cornell; Traveler's map of the Middle, Northern, Eastern States and Canada, showing all the railroad, steamboat, canal, and principal stage routes, 1849; Maps of railroad routes; maps of Minnesota, 1865 and Mackinaw City, 1857; other printed maps.